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Butterfly Wings and Traffic Jams

It has only been a few days since I moved into my new office in San Mateo, and I don't really know what the traffic along the section new to me (US-101/Ralston Avenue to CA-92 to West Hillsdale Avenue) was like before, but I get the feeling that a traffic change far away is causing minor havoc near me.

Last week, Caltrans reconfigured some lanes (link is to a page that will almost certainly change in the relatively near future) at the west end of the Bay Bridge. That's about 25 miles from my office. Since that change, traffic on the Bay Bridge has been much worse than usual. That's led to a lot of people balking at the backup from the Bay Bridge and heading down to the San Mateo Bridge instead. That in turn is clogging up traffic coming up US-101 toward its junction with CA-92 (Route 92 is what passes over the San Mateo Bridge), which is slowing down my commute, as I need to get from North US-101 to West CA-92 for the last three miles or so up to my office, while the balked Bay Bridge commuters are moving from West CA-92 to North US-101, through a junction that was only barely holding its own at the best of times.

This is yet another reason I need to look for some place closer to my office to live.

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