Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I haven't said much the last couple of days becuase there's not been much going on. I've been getting Day Jobbe work done, catching up on Bay Area-based errands that piled up while I was gone, and watching the Australian Open. The shots around Melbourne make me wish I was there again, particularly shots taken from places I've actually been, like the Streetcar Restaurant.

I made my room booking for Worldcon, booking a room in the Atlantis (the hotel attached to the convention center by skywalk). Renovation was apparently sort of caught by surprise when all 400 of the rooms in their room block in the Atlantis filled up in only a couple of days. The con still has plenty of hotel rooms, but most of them are down at the Peppermill. The Peppermill is a nicer hotel by all accounts, but it would appear that being close to the Convention Center was a higher priority for the early birds. Me, I picked the Atlantis because I anticipate hauling things back and forth to the Convention Center during the day, such as recording gear for the Business Meeting and the Match Game SF kit (assuming they ask us to do a show), and there's no way I want to be 1 km down the street for that. For the Hugo Awards ceremony, which will be in the Peppermill, if conditions are too hot to walk (particularly wearing a suit and carrying a computer to webcast the event), I can always drive down there, since I'm driving to the convention and parking in free.
Tags: travel, worldcon

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