Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home from Corflu

I did not hang around too long after the Awards Ceremony/Guest of Honor Presentation/Closing Ceremony at Corflu, as I found myself surprisingly tired. I say "surprisingly" because I got more sleep last night than I've normally been getting these past few weeks, despite not getting to bed until after 1 AM.

I'd agreed to collect used Corflu badge holders (for those people who don't save theirs) for use by FOGCon, which has asked for contributions to help them economize on start-up costs. I had therefore made a box with a sign to that effect and Chairman Chris Garcia announced the drop-your-badge scheme during the closing festivities. He graciously agreed that I didn't need to hang about all afternoon and that he'd bring the box-o-badges to BASFA tomorrow night, so I headed home.

Once I got unpacked and checked my mail, I found myself falling asleep. I fell into bed at 5 PM and slept for a bit more than two hours before waking back up. Feeling a little better, I got back up and made sure the video I shot of the play last night came out okay. Somewhat to my surprise on account of us not using any amplification, the audio came out pretty well. What didn't work out as well as I would have liked was the video quality. This was primarily because the room itself was dark, even with the lights turned as bright as they seemed able to go. Still, it being a radio play, the audio is what matters anyway. I put it into MovieMaker, added front and end titles, trimmed the rhubarb at the start and end off, and as I compose this my other computer is turning it into something I hope to be able to upload to Vimeo tomorrow. I'll post here and on corflu when it's ready for downloading.
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