Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Who He? Yes, He Who!

Based on a conversation I had at Corflu, I think it's time I remind people who read my LJ that I was involved with two amateur Doctor Who movies in my college days at CSU Chico, and that I've made the movies available on Vimeo. The first, "The Zombie Legions," features me as Tom Baker's version of The Doctor. The more-or-less sequel, "Those Darn Daleks," transitions my Doctor to a far-future version of the Traveling Timelord and takes a, shall we say, tongue-in-cheek view of the dangerous pepperpots of the cosmos. I directed both movies, which were produced by my good friend Rick Hallock.

Both movies are in three parts, each part around 20-30 minutes. I've uploaded each part separately, along with the "making of" and preview videos that we made as well.

The Zombie Legions, Part 1
The Zombie Legions, Part 2
The Zombie Legions, Part 3
The Making of The Zombie Legions

Preview: Those Darn Daleks
Those Darn Daleks, Part 1
Those Darn Daleks, Part 2
Those Darn Daleks, Part 3

Tags: doctor who, fandom

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