Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

What I've Forgotten

When I drive to Oregon, I bring lots of stuff. This also means I inevitably forget things that I meant to bring. So far, the things I know I've forgotten to bring with me are:

  • Camera (and associated gear like its battery charger)

  • Foam neck pillow (I sleep easier with it)

  • Eyeshade (keeps glare out of my eyes while I'm working)

  • Sweater (I forget that it's colder in Oregon)

Fortunately, none of these are critical failures. Lisa has her camera if we have things we want to photograph. I can live without the specialty pillow. I can wear a hat instead of the eyeshade. If I figure out anything really critical, I can probably go buy a replacement.

I sort of wish I could get out and get some work done on the property here today, because it's beautiful and clear (but cold -- right at freezing this morning) today, but it might snow as early as tomorrow. And some of the pothole patches on Lisa's father's access road have sunk away, or else new holes have opened, and I'd like to fill the holes with gravel again. OTOH, the holes act as de facto speed bumps to keep people from treating the road as a dirt drag strip.
Tags: mehama

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