Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Preemtive Branch Work

Yesterday afternoon wasn't exactly sunny, and the temperatures never got above freezing, but it was neither raining nor snowing, so Lisa and I got out the tools and attacked the "Gap-Toothed Tree" that looms over the path across the property. Using the "pole-axe" (long-handled saw) and a cable saw (a length of chain saw on a long rope), we cut down several more of the dangerous-looking branches. Lisa then got out the electric chainsaw and we reduced most of the branches to firewood size. I did the fir-trimming (spelling intentional) so the main branches could be cut to size and hauled the resultant brushy debris to the "coal seam" disposal area. The tree now looks funnier than ever, as we only cut the branches on the side where it was threatening the path. There are others on the far side that we might decide to cut someday. Also, there are still high branches that are probably going to fall the next time there's a windstorm. They are too high for us to reach with the tools, and Lisa isn't going to climb that high, even with safety harness. Still, trimming the low branches has reduced, but not eliminated, the chance of having a major tree branch fall on our heads while we walk across the property. Alas, the redwood tree is still a potential menace, but doing anything about it does not appear to be in the cards right now. We still haven't found anyone who seems to be interested in "one redwood tree, free to anyone who is willing to come and cut it down without dropping it on our house."
Tags: lisa, mehama, tree

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