Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Moss Errand

After the efforts Lisa put in to put up metal sheeting on the roof of the back porch of the old house on Friday, Lisa was too tired to do any more work on the property on Saturday, so we did a field trip. On my way through Albany traveling up, I saw that a farm store there was prominently advertising a wide assortment of moss-control products. The moss-removal stuff we put on the roof of Lisa's father's house hadn't really worked, so we thought we'd go have a look and see if we could find a different product, so after lunch we headed to Albany.

The moss-removal errand was a disappointment. Most of what they were selling was for removal of moss from lawns, not structures, and the stuff they had for structures was the same things we could get from the hardware store in Mehama. We didn't bother buying anything. We did, however, eat the free peanuts they were serving up as a promotion, and watched the cute little animals: they had live baby chickens, turkeys, partridges, and rabbits on display. The only money we ended up spending here was for some girl scout cookies and boy scout pepperoni sticks, spending the same amount on each of the two dueling fundraisers.

While in Albany, we went over to look at the Albany train station, which has been completely rebuilt and renovated since the last time we'd been there some years ago. (We used to catch the train there instead of Salem, it being not much different a distance to either station.) The delayed northbound Coast Starlight was announced as arriving "in a few minutes" so we hung around to watch it come in. The "few minutes" turned into a 45-minute wait, for unexplained reasons, but eventually the train came through. After that, we headed home.

Saturday's errands were mostly a bust, I'm afraid, although we did remember to pick up some new undershirts for Lisa's father. He continues to improve and be able to get around better on his own, which is good since I won't be around after next weekend and Lisa will be on her own helping him.
Tags: amtrak, lisa, mehama, trains

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