Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Say, Is That...?

I forgot to mention about our trip to Albany yesterday: While driving on OR-226, we spied one of those contraptions the power companies erect over high-voltage line to form areas where birds can nest without getting electrocuted (and shorting out the lines). There was a very impressive-sized nest built on the stand. A short distance farther along, I saw a large raptor flying toward us. As it passed almost directly overhead, I said, "Hey, that's a bald eagle!" Sure enough, there's are eagles nesting there. That's the second time Lisa and I have spotted eagles in Oregon. The first time was when we rode the short-lived Lewis & Clark Explorer train from Portland to Astoria a few years ago. As we passed over a bridge, we saw a bald eagle diving and flying away with a fish flapping in its talons, which was most impressive — possibly worth the entire price of the trip.
Tags: lisa, trains, wildlife

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