Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Nice For Some Things To Go Smoothly

I got my things packed out of Lisa's father's house without any significant problem other than the morning drizzle had turned into harder rain. After lunch, I packed my luggage and said goodbye to Lisa and travelswithkuma, then headed south. Currently I'm not likely to see them again until mid-May.

The drive south was wet, but uneventful, and uneventful is really what I need right now, because the next few days are likely to be highly stressful.

As I approached Medford, I exited at the usual place and headed for the hotel, but then remembered something. Stopping at the truck stop there, I checked my records. Sure enough, my reservation was for the Holiday Inn Medford (South), not Central Point (North). That would have been slightly embarrassing.

If I hadn't already had the reservation (and it was after the point of no return 6 PM), I might have pushed farther south, to Yreka or Redding, although both would have been more expensive. The weather here in southern Oregon cleared around Grant's Pass, and it would have been a good time to head over the pass. But I'll make the best of things. I got some take-out food and hope to get to bed early so I can get an early start tomorrow for Yuba City.
Tags: hotels, lisa, travel

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