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Woo-hoo! Hugo Nominations!

I'm sure they'll be posted officially tomorrow morning, but John Lorentz (the Hugo Administrator) sent out the Hugo Award nominations announcement this evening. Two of Interaction's major events got Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) nominations: Lucas Back in Anger (Phil Raines and Ian Sorensen's Star Wars parody performed on Friday night of Interaction) and Prix Victor Hugo (Opening speech and framing sequence of 2005 Hugo Awards Ceremony, written and performed by Kim Newman & Paul McAuley). I was Events division manager -- in dramatic presentation terms, I think that makes me roughly the executive producer of both these works. (Not that I'm claiming any ownership rights, you understand, not a bit: if either work should somehow manage to win -- which does seem rather unlikely I have to admit, running against three Doctor Who episodes and a Battlestar Galactica episode -- the trophies go to the authors of the respective works.)

I once again merely bask in reflected glory, as I also do with Emerald City's nomination for Best Semiprozine. (As most of you reading this know, I proofread EmCit and am auxiliary moderator for the web site's blog.)

As I said, the official posting will probably be up on the L.A.con IV web site and elsewhere soon, but in my opinion, posting an announcement on SMOFS is IMO as good as anything else. (If I post an announcement on SMOFS, I expect it to be publicized.) If you want to see the nominations right away, here they are at the Emerald City site.
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