Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


My family commitments are not until this afternoon, so this morning I was able to get out for a walk, which was the most exercise I've had in days. I walked all the way to downtown Yuba City and back, and my pedometer says I put in over 9000 steps. I should have gone ahead and had one of the make-your-own waffles this morning — I did so yesterday and got a 209 blood sugar for my trouble, but that's also caused by taking no exercise and immediately leaving for Fremont after breakfast.

I'd hoped that being gone for 90 minutes or so would lead to the housekeeper making up my room, but they hadn't gotten to me by the time I returned. I have to go away this afternoon, so maybe they'll take care of it then. Not that I need much. I tell them to re-use the towels and not to strip the bed for such a short stay (four nights), so just a quick refresh is all I'm looking for.
Tags: exercise, hotels, travel

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