Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Corporate Day

Today was the regular SFSFC Board Meeting. I got over there early because we now have to use my computer and Skype to do conference calls now that they've removed the telephone line from the meeting room. Fortunately, I gave myself nearly an hour, and was actually ready to go about 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time, which means we had just barely enough time to recover when it turned out that the dial-in number for the conference call was wrong and we had to scramble to get another conference number.

The meeting was fairly routine. After the meeting, I went home and finally got the previous meeting's minutes posted to the SFSFC web site. Then I got the draft minutes out to the Board of Directors, which means we shouldn't have to wait for months for this meeting's minutes to be posted.

This evening, dinogrl and dave_gallaher collected me on their way to Kobe restaurant in Santa Clara where we joined friends for a dinner outing in honor of Spring's birthday.

I'm so grateful that I had my notes wrong: I have no meetings or major commitments tomorrow. I don't have to set the alarm tonight. Luxury! I may sleep all day!
Tags: sfsfc
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