Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Nevada Train Trip

The Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City is listing its schedules for the entire year, so I'm hoping that the funding to keep the museum open was found and the threat in the early drafts of the Nevada state budget to close the museum averted. However, the museum is only open Friday-Monday, making it difficult to combine a visit to the museum with a Worldcon trip (although not impossible, since Renovation is Wednesday-Sunday). Also, the main reason Lisa and I want to go there is to ride the restored McKeen Motor Car, the only operable one in the world. Lisa and I got a sort of private viewing of the car while it was under restoration some years ago when we visited on a particularly slow afternoon.

They only run the McKeen Car on certain days. In fact, they're only planning too operate it three days this year: May 8, July 4, and October 29. So, if we can swing it, Lisa is going to come down here and the two of us will make an extended weekend visit to the Carson City-Reno area on the weekend of May 7-8. At the moment, I'm thinking of taking at least one and maybe two vacation days after that as well, since you can get amazingly good hotel rates in Reno on Sunday-Thursday nights. It means a little hotel in-and-outing, since we'd probably spend Saturday night only at the Holiday Inn Express in Carson City, but with the rates so good in Reno, it's hard to pass up the deal.

Nothing is set in stone yet, and I haven't even had a chance to discuss specifics with Lisa, but that weekend looks to be the best fit I can find so far.
Tags: lisa, museums, trains

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