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Nova Albion Day 1

After work today, I headed down to Santa Clara for the opening day of the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition. I felt somewhat out of place, not having even a pair of goggles. I should have brought my fez.

After registering and checking at the Westercon table, I went down to the Studio Foglio to have a chat with Kaja (Phil isn't attending) about some Westercon 64 business. Then I sat at the Westercon table for a while until closing and helped lisa_marli pack out the table for the day.

To be honest, while I love the clothing and hanging around with my friends here, there's not a whole lot more of the convention that attracts me personally. I did a lot of hanging about in the lobby, then ran into alicebentley and kajafoglio as they were coming back from dinner. We talked for a while before they decided to go back to their rooms. During this time, we ran across the head of programming, who confirmed that there is not going to be a Girl Genius Radio Theatre performance, due to a misunderstanding on Nova Albion's part. They've scheduled something else into what would have been the slot for it. Too bad, as I'd already volunteered to be The Narrator again. OTOH, now we need to start telling people, "No, not here, but there will be at Westercon! Go buy a membership!" Mind you, if the people we've talked to at the table are representative, a lot of the attendees here know nothing about other genre conventions, so it's a bit of a hard sell at times.

and I went to the third floor, where the parties were supposed to be. There, I only got as far as the quiet gathering being hosted by bovil and kproche. Among the people here were, somewhat to my surprise, James Bacon.

I enjoyed talking with people, but by 10:30, it was time to start heading home because I'm commuting to Fremont tonight. Fortunately, I don't have to be back down to the Santa Clara Hyatt early tomorrow. The internet connection there is not free, so I don't expect to be online there tomorrow. Tomorrow night I'm in a hotel, albeit it's the Milpitas Crowne Plaza as I chase those Priority Club points.

On the bright side of commuting, I get to see Formula 1 Qualifying for the Australia GP, although I'll miss the race itself, I guess.
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