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As bovil announced, the first issue of Pacheco Progress, regress report of the hollister2008 Casa de Worldcon Worldcon Bid Committee, is now available.

I put up a note on the SMOFS e-mail list announcing its publication, and got a private e-mail from a Person Who Will Not Be Named earnestly telling me how concerned I should be that this bid will win because of how badly all of the other Worldcon bids were doing. Such person does not know as much about the WSFS rules as I do. The chance, while not actually zero1, is so small that I asked the person how much money they want to lose to bet me that one of the bids actually listed on the ballot wins.

I haven't received a response yet.

1Hollister is less than 800 km from Anaheim, and is therefore ineligible as a site. An administrator would have to reject a filing from Hollister because it's ineligible. (The filing deadline for the ballot has passed anyway, but that's only for getting on the ballot, not for eligibility to win.) Therefore, even if every single voter placed Hollister as their first preference, the bid is not allowed to win. WSFS rules would require the administrator to discard the first-preference votes on those ballots and move on to those voters' second preferences. The only way Hollister could win would be for None of the Above to win the election, which throws the election into the Business Meeting and suspends the normal eligibility rules. Then the BM would have to vote to select Hollister, which presumes that the committee actually would stand up and say, "Oh, sure, vote for us" under those circumstances. As I say, it's not actually impossible, just highly unlikely.
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