Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Road to Nevada

Getting up this morning was challenging, after having been out after midnight due to the Giants game, and I didn't leave for Sutter as early as I would have liked. Lisa was at my mother's (formerly my grandfather's) house when I got there. In fact, she got there at 6 AM, having made the trip much faster than expected. We moved her things into my van and set off for Carson City.

We made remarkably good time, including a half-hour stop at Truckee where we looked in on the temporary Truckee Railroad Museum (located in a caboose parked next to the train station), and got to Carson City about 5:30.

The hotel is all but empty, and they upgraded me to a suite, which is always nice. Lisa found a Giants game on the television to keep travelswithkuma and me occupied while she took a nice relaxing bath. Indeed, it was so relaxing that when she came out of it, she went straight to bed &emdash; not surprising given that she drove most of last night. Before she dropped off, she told me that I should go ahead and go get myself something for dinner and not worry about her. Not wanting to be gone long (I wanted to watch the baseball), I ended up going through the Arby's drive through, and I got two roast beef sandwiches, in case Lisa wakes up later, and stopped by a nearby grocery store for some milk for me and grape juice for Lisa.

I'm pretty tired myself, and while this hotel does have an indoor pool and hot tub, I think that I'll just finish watching the Giants game and get to bed early. The Nevada State Railroad Museum is apt to be busy tomorrow, after all, and we have a bit more travel tomorrow as well as we move on to Reno and the Atlantis Hotel. I don't expect to be treated like a bigwig there the way Holiday Inns keep treating me, though.
Tags: hotels, kuma bear, lisa, travel

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