Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bring Your Water Bottle

Those of you who attended Denvention 3 may recall that every member was issued with a water bottle and was warned, "You're at altitude, and you need to drink extra water." Well, Reno isn't much lower than Denver — 4500 feet rather than 5280 — and it may well be drier, although I don't have objective data on that. Those of you who live in the lowlands (most of us, including me) should remember to drink extra water and take into account the somewhat thinner air. It's been getting to me yesterday and today, although I admit that much of that could also be from spending a few hours in the casino, where there's cigarette smoke as well. But when I come back here in August, I'm bringing my D3 water bottle.
Tags: health, reno, renovation, worldcon

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