Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Where There's Smoke...

There's usually a casino, at least in Nevada, where smoking is permitted in many (most) casino gaming areas. Now if you're not interested in gambling, this mostly won't concern you. It's possible to avoid the gaming floors almost entirely, going upstairs from hotel reception, using the second-floor skywalk to go back and forth to the Convention Center, and sticking to the function rooms, where are smoke-free. But while some of the restaurants are on the non-smoking second floor, others, including Toucan Charlie's Buffet, the adjacent Cafe Alfresco, and, most importantly to night-owl fans like me, the 24-hour Purple Parrot coffee shop, are on the ground floor. Ground floor restaurants are located around the edges of the hotel, and you can mostly, but not completely, avoid the gaming/smoking areas. If you are highly sensitive to cigarette smoke, you may be troubled by this at times. If occasional exposure to such smoke doesn't trouble you, you should be okay.

There are, by the way, selected portions of the casino floor that are marked as non-smoking, but since smoking is allowed on the casino floor, there's going to be some smoke present to those of you most sensitive to it. I didn't use to be as sensitive to this when I lived around smokers, but having been out of that environment myself for over twenty years, I find my eyes burning when I'm around smoke even if I can't smell or see it.
Tags: hotels, reno, renovation, worldcon

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