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More Filling, Tastes Terrible

Traffic was less of a problem getting to the office this morning, but only because I was an hour later than usual because I was at my dentist having a filling replaced. I have a good dentist (Dr. Tony Ferrer, Redwood City; reference upon request), and feel fortunate to have found such a good one when in fact the reason I picked him and his office originally was because it was just around the lagoon from my office and I could walk to it.

He spotted that a filling in one tooth was getting loose when I had a routine dental exam in mid-August, and recommended a replacement. When I confirmed with him that it wasn't in need of immediate replacement, I put it off until after NASFiC. He does say that the tooth in question will probably need a crown someday, as it actually has two fillings in it and a hairline crack connecting them, but for now he'll just keep an eye on it at each check-up.

The "tastes terrible" part of the subject line is about the anesthetic, which is horribly bitter stuff. Good thing my pea soup isn't crunchy, as I'm under orders to not eat crunchy stuff or chew with the left side of my mouth for 24 hours.

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