Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Pinball Palace

After making our final stop at the Sea-Pac convention to see if we had won any of the 10:30 AM door prizes (we hadn't), we stopped downtown so I could have my annual elephant ear at We're All Ears, then we walked back to the hotel and drove up to Astoria, over the bridge into Washington, and on to Long Beach heading for the Dodge City Shooting Gallery and Pinball Palace. Last year, we were disappointed to find the place temporarily closed due to a fire in the adjacent store, but they were back in business this year. Lisa had been saving her quarters, and we set to playing. I was particularly successful playing Ripley's Believe It Or Not so well that Lisa decided to play other games rather than wait for me to end my (rather long) turns. After a while, she came back over and I gave her the remaining four games on the machine while I played Medieval Madness. She then went to play Lord of the Rings, but the normally excellent maintenance of the games at this place was off this weekend. The right flipper of the machine was terribly soft, and the Dotmation display (which is part of the game play) out of order, so she gave up after one game.

About two hours, but less than $10 worth of quarters after we started, we walked down the street to use the restroom. Both of us commented that we were footsore and having some difficulty staying standing behind the machines. As we walked back to the Gallery just after 3 PM, the question of whether to play any longer was decided for us, as the owner decided to close up early and was locking the door. Oh, well, we hadn't had lunch and were tired anyway.

On the way back south, we stopped at a local grocery store to buy some drinks, and I spotted that they still had some of the reportedly-discontinued Screaming Dill Pickle Pringles on the shelf. A lot of them; so many, in fact, that Lisa had to go get a shopping cart as I decided to buy every one they had, given that I'm apt to never see them again. I bought all sixteen cans, which is more than I've ever seen at one store.
Tags: pinball, seaside, travel

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