Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

MGSF at Westercon

It looks like plans for Match Game SF at Westercon are starting to come together. We've been holding fire on announcing anything until we knew whether we'd have the room we wanted to use for the days/nights we'd like to do shows, that being the Club Regent room on the ground floor of the Fairmont. (This is a great space: a former caberet, it has a split level stage great for staging the show.)

We appear to be tentatively booked in to do Match Game Late Night on Sunday night after the performance of Girl Genius Radio Theatre. (Probably 9:30, but possibly a bit later.) What I'm not certain of right now is whether we'll do a Saturday or Sunday afternoon show as well. Personally, I'd like to do a show on Saturday mid-afternoon, but a lot of that depends on whether Programming can let us have the space then as well. Since we're expecting to use the same tech kit for the radio play as for Match Game, there's some reason to do an afternoon show on Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday, but I'm not too thrilled about booking myself continuously for close to six hours.

In addition, we also need to know if our regular panelists are available and when. I'd like to ask the Foglios to be on the daytime show, but not the nighttime one as they'll have just done GGRT and probably will want to bug out when it's over. So, who is available?

Also, I always need new questions (email to my LJ handle if you don't have my e-mail), and we could use some new sponsorship donations as the supply is starting to run a little dry.
Tags: match game, westercon
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